Marriage Advice for Newlyweds

Since both my sisters were married in the past two months, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it “used to be like”. You know…after the honeymoon before the babies arrived. 🙂 As I watched my sisters prepare for a life with the man of their dreams these thoughts came to mind. Marriage advice to my sisters, Melinda and Bonnie, as they embark on a new journey in their lives.

1. Cherish the time you have just the two of you. Assuming that God will one day bless you with children, take advantage of this time to build a strong foundation for your marriage so that you will get through the long days (and years!) of parenting newborns, toddlers and little children.

2. Use your free time to learn as many new skills as possible. This will probably be when you will have the most free time in your marriage. So what can you learn that will make you a better wife, homemaker and, if God so chooses, mother? Learn what you can now, because once the children start coming along it’s hard to find any amount of uninterrupted time. 🙂

3. Plan to make fun memories with your husband. Typically newlyweds don’t have a lot of money. Don’t let that stop you from planning new experiences and fun times together! It can be as simple as games after dinner, long conversations late at night, or cuddling and watching a movie together. Get in the habit of making a date night (whether at home or on the town) a priority. As life gets busier, you’ll have fun memories to look back on and a habit that will, hopefully, stay a part of your married life.

4. Use any disagreements as a catalyst to learn more about each other. What makes your husband tick? What makes him feel honored and respected even in the midst of a disagreement? As the responsibilities you face grow over the years and stressful situations accost your marriage, you will be able to draw on these valuable skills to weather the problem.

5. Don’t let your mind wander to the “what ifs”.  Focus on the present. By choosing to marry your husband, you probably gave up some dreams you once had. Perhaps one day God will open the doors to pursue them. Right now focus on the life God has given you. Be open to new dreams and pour your energy into the family God has given you.

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