Removing Dry Erase Marker (from the carpet)

Last month, my parents, Bonnie, and I got to babysit Drew and Carter for a week. It was a lot of fun. How house was full of so much noise and energy! And we had quite a few more messes than normal…

On one particular afternoon, during his nap, Drew managed to get his hands on a dry erase marker. He then proceeded to “decorate” everything around him, including himself, the bed, some furniture, a stuffed animal, and the carpet.

Well…it came off the furniture nicely. The animal was washed and came fairly clean. Drew’s bed now has extra purple dry erase marker lines on it.

The carpet, however, was another story. It wasn’t easy to get up…and we didn’t want to leave his artistic work there forever. I quickly turned to the internet to get some ideas on how to clean up dry erase marker from carpet. Surprisingly, there are quite a few ideas out there.

The first idea I tried was rubbing alcohol…and it did not work.

Secondly, I tried, of all things, hairspray. I was quite shocked when it actually worked. So Drew and I spent some quality time cleaning up dry erase marker together.

I just thought I would pass on that tidbit of helpful household cleaning information, just in case any of you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

To see more great ideas, visit Works for Me Wednesday.

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