Golden Ball of Time

I remember hearing a story about a boy who received a golden ball of time. Whenever he was impatient with something, he could pull the string attached to the ball, and the ball would accelerate time so the boy would not have to experience what he did not wish to. It seemed like a good plan, but his life then spend by and before he knew it, he was old, life was over, and he wasn’t sure where it had gone to.

There have been times where I have wished for such a golden ball. There was the time when I was single. I wished I could pull a string and bring a handsome, wonderful, God-honoring man into my life. Then I met Jason. Then I wanted a golden ball to move ahead to know whether Jason and I would get married. I wanted to skip the weeks and months of frustration with not knowing where our relationship was going. Then we got engaged. Then I wanted the golden ball to get to marriage. Basically, no matter what is going on in my life, there is always something I would like to skip over and just to something better.

Yet, just like the little boy, if I had such a golden ball, I would use it. Then life would speed by. God didn’t give us such golden balls. He has given us the gift of time. We have experiences in life, good and bad. We are meant to live through them, savoring the moments, both the good and the bad. God gives us everything for a reason and a purpose. His plan will shine through. Embrace the journey. Don’t rush it.

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