Melinda’s 101 List


  1. Read Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austencompleted 2-25-10
  2. Read two books by Charles Dickens. (Oliver Twist February 2011)
  3. Read the entirety of The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes.
  4. Go through the biography section of my library. Get rid of all the biographies I will never read…and then read all the biographies I have left.
  5. Participate in one reading challenge…other than the one listed below.completed 07-30-10 (Chronicles of Narnia reading challenge)
  6. Participate in a 24-hour reading challenge.
  7. Read 10 books about Israeli/Jewish life and/or culture.
  8. Read 500 books during the course of the challenge.
  9. Read through the Bible in three months.
  10. Read through all the Psalms three consecutive months.
  11. Read 10 books that have been on my TBR list for a long time.
  12. Read a book on each of the presidents of the United States.
  13. Read one Shakespeare play…besides the one required for schoolcompleted 3-26-10 (I read Othello.)
  14. Write a letter to the authors of five books after I have read them.
  15. Keep a list of all the good/inspirational/challenging quotes from the books I read; compile them all into a book.


16. Complete two online classes through Yad VaShem
17. Complete the medical transcriptionist courses
18. Learn/memorize five piano pieces.
Patch Children’s Medley
19. Learn piano duet with Carrie.
20. Learn to play alto recorder.
21. Go through Brad Voeller’s memory course.
22. Learn sign language
23. Learn Latin
24. Begin learning hammered dulcimer.
25. Learn 10 different hairstyles to use with my hair.
26. Finish Whitefield studiescompleted 3-17-10
27. Study logic
28. Learn piano duet with Bonnie.
29. Memorize two books of the Bible.
30. Memorize “The Hound of Heaven”.


31. Make microwave peach (or apricot) jam.
32. Find a good pita bread recipe.
33. Learn to grill food successfully.completed summer 2010
34. Make falafel for my family.completed 6-18-10
35. Put together a cookbook with all my favorite recipes.
36. Make a list of 10 snacks that are quick and easy to prepare.
37. Create a list of 20 meals that I can make to keep in the freezer for me and Bonnie.
38. Learn to make tortillas.
39. Try making spaetzle.
40. Become proficient at making/braiding challah bread.
41. Try 30 new recipes.completed 4-23-10


42. Make 5 baby blankets to send to charity. (CPC or some organization online.)
43. Open an etsy store with Carrie.
44. Learn some origami.
45. Find or make a nice black dress.completed November 2010
46. Make a string quilt
47. Sew a shirt…I actually want to wear.
48. Knit a baby blanket.completed February 2011
49. Finish scrapbooking Israel/Greece photos.
50. Make a rag quilt.


51. Write 15 posts/articles on singleness

a. Committed to Courtship…and Waiting
b. Preparing for Someday
52. Bind a book of encouraging resources for single season
53. Write a novel.
54. Write an ebook.
55. *Personal*
56. Write books with Carrie about teaching character qualities to children.
57. Create a Know-It-All Trivia challenge on Facebook about Sherlock Holmes.
58. Complete a Physical Science bound “book” for hand—outs, etc. for class.
59. Complete 20 of the creative writing prompts.
60. Get 1,000 posts on our blog.
51. Complete 5 “A Day in My Life” posts.
#1 – September 13, 2010
62. Establish the habit of writing in my journal once a week.

63. Regularly exercise 3 times a week.
64. Do the 100 pushups challenge.
65. Complete 200 squat challenges.
66. Complete The Thirty Day Shredcompleted 2-25-10
67. Walk a mile a day every week day for a month.


68. *Personal*
70. Buy a nice camera.
71. *Personal*completed 2011


72. Get a daily schedule set up and stick to it.
73. Clean out my room so that I don’t need to store things under my bed.
74. Clean out my email inbox…and keep it clean! – completed July, 2011
75. Clean out clothes or alter clothes so that I like to wear all the clothes in my closet.
76. Purge the books I own.
77. Purchase Readerware and set up the catalog system for my library.completed 6-10
78. Clean out all the saved documents on my computer.completed July, 2011


79. Read Jeremiah Burrough’s book on contentment.
80. *Personal*
81. Have Veronique take pictures of me and Carrie.completed 5-24-10
82. Learn to french braid my hair.
83. Grow my hair out.
84. Whittle down my Amazon wishlist 25% (from start date of challenge). Down to 300 books.
85. Switch to all-natural hair care.completed 4-29-10
86. Buy something from Christopher and Banks.completed November 2010
87. Start a garden.completed 04-10
88. Learn how to do a pedicure for myself.
89. Put together a box for one of Bonnie’s and Jeannette’s soldier projects.
90. Host three game nights at our house.
91. Do the paint border around the top of my room. – completed December 17, 2010


92. Plan 10 family outings and execute them.
93. Take a road trip with Carrie. completed November-December 2010


94. Complete a Project 365.
95. Complete 26 things challenge.
96. Sand and paint/stain my desk.completed 08-12-10
97. Repaint my bedroom door and door frame.
98. Make invisible bookshelves for my room.
99. Try mystery shopping.
100. Complete 30 of the Amy’s Notebook challenges; include pictures on blog.
101. Host three giveaways on our blog.
Start Here (03-22-10)
Sir Rowan and the Camerian Conquest (02-2011)


4 Responses to Melinda’s 101 List

  1. Elisabeth C. says:

    @ #53 – NaNoWriMo. It will change your life. And you WILL write that novel. 😀 Good luck with your list!

  2. bekahcubed says:

    I’m loving your list–and wishing I could make mine just 101 items long! I enjoy list-making and learning new things, and it seems every time I read someone else’s list I find something more I’d like to add to my own!

  3. Heather says:

    Wow, that is a long list! What a great motivator. Thank you for stopping by my blog. It makes my day when people leave comments! Bless you! 🙂

  4. Margie Jesson says:

    Hi Melinda and Carie,

    Christy has been reading your blog, and told me about it. You girls have some great ideas!
    I think your 101 list is a wonderful tool. I’ve done lists before, but with different categories. I’d like to try some of your ideas.

    Congratulations on your marriage, Melinda. I so enjoyed your wedding ceremony!

    Margie J

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