Links for Single Ladies

I have compiled a list of links that I hope will be encouraging to young women who are single. Many of these links encouraged my heart and mind a great deal while I was still single.

These articles do not give trite comments to the longinges and desires of the hearts of single women. When I was single, I longed to be married. Even when I was content and wanting God’s best for my life (even if it did not include marriage), I still had the desire for marriage. While I was single, I became tired of hearing the same comments over and over: “You’re still young . . . you have plenty of time to find the right guy” or “I’m sure God will bring you a husband.” These were undoubtedly well-meaning comments, but they did not acknowlege how hard it is to wait when you long for something with all of your heart.

The following blog posts take singleness seriously. They look at the longings of the single heart; they look at the heartache. Yet, the authors of the following posts keep their eyes focused firmly on God and his ultimate plan.

It is my prayer that the following articles will encourage, convict, and challenge your heart.

I am interested in making this list as comprehensive as possible; I would like this list to contain as many uplifting articles regarding singleness as possible. If you have written blog posts pertaining to this subject or have come across blog posts that have been encouraging to you, please send me an email with the link at wholesomewomanhoodATgmailDOTcom. I do not guarantee the link will make the list, but I would love to hear what has encouraged you.

If you do not have a blog but have written something to encourage single ladies, please feel free to send the article to me. I would love to consider it for posting on the blog here to be an encouragement to others.

~ Melinda ~

  1. A Guest Post on Contentment
  2. Always a Guest, Never a Bride
  3. A Poem In Honor of Those Waiting
  4. But What If I Never Get Married?
  5. The Church, Singleness, and Homosexuality
  6. Content But Not Complete, Part 1
  7. Content But Not Complete, Part 2
  8. Content But Not Complete, Part 3
  9. Content But Not Complete, Part 4
  10. Courage
  11. The Defining Factor
  12. Empty Dreams
  13. Feminine Friday: Rejoicing in Singleness
  14. Finding Balance During Years of Singleness
  15. Friends Beyond Marriage, Part 1
  16. Friends Beyond Marriage, Part 2
  17. God-Given Desires . . . He Doesn’t Fulfill – Part 1
  18. Part 2
  19. Part 3
  20. Part 4
  21. Part 5
  22. Part 6
  23. Ideals and Expectations, Part 1
  24. Ideals and Expectations, Part 2
  25. I Haven’t Met You Yet…
  26. Joyfully Content, Part 1
  27. Joyfully Content, Part 2
  28. Looking For Love
  29. The Magic Word
  30. Marriage Perspectives
  31. More Than A Marriage and a Family
  32. Nobody Puts Bekah on a Shelf
  33. No Firefighters for Me, Please
  34. On Aging
  35. The Other Answer
  36. Preparing for Someday
  37. The Promise
  38. Ravi Zacharias on Marriage
  39. Reasons 1-4
  40. Rejoice With Those Who Rejoice
  41. Rooting Out Bitterness (new – 12-14-11)
  42. Shelf-Life
  43. She Will Come
  44. Single Christian Women-My Heroes
  45. Skills in Singleness
  46. The Smart Choice?
  47. Solitude
  48. Somewhere…
  49. Then I Was Young
  50. What He Wants Me to Be

2 Responses to Links for Single Ladies

  1. bekahcubed says:

    Thanks for linking to a couple of posts from bekahcubed–I’m glad they could be an encouragement to you. It’s always wonderful when we can find others in similar situations who can share their hearts and insights.

  2. mosa says:

    i am single and working hard at patience while God prepares a time when i should meet the man he purposed for me. how i needed this. thank you.

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