Reading Classics

I am a big advocate of reading classic literature . . . although I’m not the greatest at actually reading them myself. I have a very long list of classics that I know I ought to read, and yet I have a hard time actually convincing myself to read them. But then again, when I have taken the time to read a piece of classic literature, I am always usually pleased that I actually made the time to read the book. There have been a few pieces that are considered classics that I truly did not like. (Think for instance, A Tale of Two Citites and Huckleberry Finn.) However, most of the classics I have read have been enjoyable and worth the time it takes to read them.

This particular blog article takes the time to list ten benefits to reading classics. All of the reasons this blogger discusses are valuable. This blogger highlights the reasons why classic literature has become just that . . . classic. The classic literature has enjoyed the test of time and is (for the most part) worth reading.

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2 Responses to Reading Classics

  1. theshank says:

    Its been years since I read these but I can highly recommend them.

    Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck
    To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee
    Invisible Man Ralph Ellison
    Catch 22 Charles Heller
    The Red Badge of Courage Stephen Crane

  2. carrilynne says:

    You didn’t like “Tale of two cities” ????? I LOVE that book!! Such a story of sacrifice! I loved “Grapes of Wrath” also… Still have not read the last 3 on your list.

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