Showing Love

1 Corinthians 13 is commonly known as the “Love” chapter of the Bible. As I read the chapter, I began to wonder how often I truly show my boys that I love them. There is no doubt, not even a small one, of my love for them, but how often do I show them?

Of course, I dress them and feed them…all of their needs are taken care of. But, more often than I would like to admit, I get caught up with the to-do list or activities I want to do. I forget to show them my love in a way they understand.

So one day I sought to show my boys I love them in tangible ways. (The inspiration for this idea is found here and here.)

 We had pancakes for breakfast, because Drew asked for them. It was the third time in four days that we had pancakes for breakfast. 🙂

We sat on the couch and read books together.  They both enjoy looking at the pictures of the animals. 🙂

They love to play with stickers, so I gave them each a page of stickers which they arranged randomly on sheet of paper. 🙂

It’s rather hard to take pictures while I’m busy playing with the boys. 🙂 So some of our activities were undocumented. 🙂

We had fun tickling each other. Thankfully I escaped without any tickling. One of the cutest sights in the world is Carter trying to tickle Drew. 🙂

I watched Drew play with his cars…we hugged…and laughed.

Slowing down to purposely show my boys some love makes for some wonderful memories.

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One Response to Showing Love

  1. Miranda says:

    Sounds like a good plan! I always struggle with doing things with my daughter because then she might always expect it, know what I mean? I love coloring with her but when I want to stop she has a tantrum because she is not ready.

    Have a blessed Christmas!

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