Parental Rights

On a recent trip to Denver, Jason and I encountered an environmentalist outside the public library. He was zealously trying to stop people, urging them to be concerned about the state of the environment.

As we walked past, he called after us, “Share the love! Save the world for your children.”

His words did not cause us to pause. I am not that concerned with saving the world (his particular concern was the ocean) for my children. I am, however, concerned about preserving my rights as a parent to direct the upbringing of my future children.

The following is a gripping video of the erosion of parental rights in America. Please consider taking the time to watch this video; it will be well worth your time.

“This generation has to fight to preserve and protect parents’ rights in the Constitution of the United States so that our grandchildren and greatgrandchildren can have the protections they need to be successful.” – Scott Scharpen

The issue of parental rights is not one that concerns only those that are already parents. This is an issue that will affect America for generations. Even if you are not currently a parent, this is an issue that affects you. Even if I never have children, I think about my nephews. I do not want the rights of Tim and Carrie to be taken away; they are the ones responsible before God to raise Drew and Carter. The government must not take that responsibility away.

The issue of parental rights affects everyone.

“We have to ask ourselves the question: What are our parental rights worth to us? How much are we willing to sacrifice? How much are we willing to invest to make sure that today, and for the future, those rights that we hold so dear, so that we can direct the upbringing and education and raising our kids how we see fit. How much is that worth to us?”

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1 Response to Parental Rights

  1. afwife08 says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Its crazy how this nation is becoming. Erik and I have had to deal with CPS over stupid stuff and we fight the school almost everyday with the way they are with Ezri. I am not one who really wants to homeschool. I’m not feeling any calling for it, yet I feel that the public school is very close to making me do it since they don’t want to take into consideration my thoughts on how to be with Ezri. Thats just sad.

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