How to Organize Books

I love to hear about how other people organize their books! There is something especially satisfying about seeing rows of beautiful books lined up on shelves in neat, organized rows. It has a very calming effect on me. With that said, here is the system I use to organize my books.

As a general rule, I organize my books alphabetically by title. For some reason, this strikes me as one of the best ways for books to look organized. Plus it makes them quite easy to find.

At this point in time all of my nonfiction books are mixed together, and there are no subdivisions of other topics. At some point (when I have enough books to warrant it), I would like to divide my nonfiction section into smaller section, such as theology, philosophy, ethics, etc. At that point, I would probably still organize the books alphabetically by title in each subsection.

I follow a similar method for the biographical section of my library and the section of books on godly womanhood/marriage. The biographical section of my library is smaller than the nonfiction section.

The only section of my library that is organized differently is the fiction section. Instead of alphabetizing the books by title, I alphabetize them by author. There are two reasons for this. First, I am more apt to remember the author of a novel rather than its title. Secondly, I want books in a series to be together, and if I were to organize them by title, serial books would not necessarily be near each other.

Various other ways of organizing books intrigue me. For instance, I would love to organize my personal library using the Dewey decimal system . . . but this seems a bit impractical at this point simply because I do not have enough books to warrant such a complex organizing system. By the time I have enough books to do it that way, I probably won’t want to make the massive time investment that it would take to switch to the new system.

I also am intrigued by organizing books by the color of the spines. I experimented with this once on my shelves, and it provided a very nice aesthetic experience. However, I can’t quite figure out the best way to quickly find a specific title if the books are organized by color. It would be harder to know exactly where my books were if they were organized by color.

All in all, this system works well for me. The only thing I’m not good at is keeping track of who I lend my books too. I let people borrow my books and do not write down who has them. Then later when I am looking for a particular book, and can’t find it on my shelf, I can’t remember if I let someone borrow it or not. *sigh* I need to work on that one.

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One Response to How to Organize Books

  1. carrilynne says:

    Perhaps you need to have Katie come spend some time at your house 🙂 She loves to “organize” – size, color, I’m not sure what her code is, but I guarantee that ANY order would be easier than her method of “organizing”!!!! ROFL!!
    I didn’t consider myself so OCD when it came to organizing… but Katie has shown me that I DO prefer SOME order in my life!!

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