Replenish Your Soul: How to Love Your Husband When He’s Not Home

Note from Carrie: This is a guest post from our sister Bonnie. We attended the conference together (and enjoyed IMing during the one session we attended together :-)).

I was so excited to have the opportunity to attend the first live Replenish Your Soul conference.  I definitely came away so blessed and encouraged!  While all the sessions had great content, my favorite had to be Honoring Your Husband When He’s Not at Home.  When I entered the chat and video room, I didn’t quite know what to expect from the session, but I’m so glad God had me there!

 Tiana Krenz was the speaker, and she definitely has experience with her husband not being at home.  Because he’s a truck driver, he is often gone for two week intervals and only home for a couple days before the next job.  Tiana spoke about 7 temptations a lonely wife might face…how to deal with it Biblically…and how to take that temptation and turn it instead into an opportunity to honor your husband.
One of the ones that stood out to me was the temptation of self-reliance.  As a military wife, there will be seasons where I will be, in essence, the only person taking care of the home and the only parent (if God wills that we have children).  It can be so easy during these times to start living as if you were single…and to forget your need for God.  One of the verses she cited here was Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”  During times of separation, the wife does indeed have to get things done…by herself…but it should never lead to the temptation to again live as if she were single or to live as if she didn’t need God.  I wrote down a quote from Tiana here…”Don’t allow having to care for everything harden you from your husband, his role, what he means to you…and from what you need from Christ.  Remind yourselves daily that you are a wife, not just a woman.”
To combat the temptation of self-reliance, one must remember that she can only function because of the strength God gives her…and she is still a wife under the headship of her husband.
Through all the times of separation, and through all the temptations that can arise, Tiana said that it is so important to keep the home fires burning.  Pray and ask the Lord for ways to love and encourage your husband, even if he is not at home.  Ask God to show you ways to make your husband feel welcome and loved when he is home.
The whole session was such a blessing to me.  I was able to put a new light on the times of separation that Michael and I will face.  It will not just be me keeping things running while he’s gone….it will be me making my husband’s house a home while he’s gone.  It will be keeping his priorities at the top of my list even if he’s not there to see they get done.  It will be creating an atmosphere of peace and love during the few minutes we can talk on the phone or email.  All for the glory of God.  All through the strength of God.
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