A birthday is a good time for reflections. A year has passed . . . and so much has happened in my life in the past year.

One year ago today, I spent my birthday with Tim and Carrie. It was one of the best birthdays of my life so far. I actually got to spend the day with my twin sister, and that doesn’t usually happen since she got married. Plus, Tim did his best to make it a very special day for both of us.

A year ago . . . I longed to be married. The desire of my heart was to love and be loved. I wanted to have a family. A year ago . . . that desire seemed so far away from being fulfilled. A year ago . . . I was discouraged.

Yet, one year later, I am happily married. In less than a year, I met a godly, sweet, romantic man. We got to know each other quickly, and a little over a month ago, we were married.

God is good.

Was it hard to wait for marriage? Yes . . . unbearably so, at times. Was it worth it? Yes.

This birthday is a time to pause for reflection . . . not so much on the changes in my life, but in the faithfulness of God. I see his fingerprints all over my life from the past year, and it is exciting to think about what the next year will hold.

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One Response to Reflections

  1. Rightthinker says:

    God is so good..yes, reflecting on a year gone by is extremely valuable. It always shows me just how blessed I am…AND, offers a 20/20 hindsight view of all the ways God had his hand in my life, and yet I couldn’t understand how at the very moment in time..I just had a choice to trust and obey, or try to “work” things out on my own..never good!

    Great post. Congratulations on your marriage, and God bless you.

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