The Daily Little Moments

It is so easy to miss all of the daily blessings God has given me. Occasionally I like to stop and remember the small moments that, one day, will be gone.

One day I will miss seeing my boys’ excitement in the simple things, such as splashing around in a sink. It is messy, but worth the memories.

One day I’ll miss the days spent at the park, playing, running and pushing my boys in the swings.

One day I’ll miss the excitement in their eyes as they look forward to a surprise we’ve carefully planned for them.

Yes…one day my boys will be men and I’ll miss these little things. These little things that I pass over in haste each day…little events where I should stop and cherish the moment.

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2 Responses to The Daily Little Moments

  1. Very nice, Carrie. You are absolutely correct in this. But, then grandchildren come along and it begins all over again! 🙂

  2. A wonderful reminder. I’m constantly reminding myself to stop and enjoy the little things, but it can be so easy to just keep going with the “big things” and miss these blessings.

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