The Battle of the Mind

One of the Sundays during our honeymoon, Jason and I heard a sermon preached on Philippians 4:4-8. Essentially, the pastor was discussing how easy it is for Satan to gain footholds in the minds of believers. As he put it in his sermon notes, “Satan knows that if he can get us to ‘think wrong,’ we will soon ‘do wrong!’ We have to do everything we can to protect our minds.”

The content of his sermon was discussing four different walls believers can build in their minds to keep Christ as the supreme ruler while ensuring Satan has no foothold.

1. Build a wall of praise. (verse 4)

Our source of praise cannot be in circumstances . . . because those change, and honestly, life can get hard. Yet, Christians are commanded to rejoice. What is the root of that rejoicing? The praise is founded in the unchanging nature and character of God. He can be trusted.

2. Build a wall of patience. (verse 5a)

Let’s face it . . . we will encounter irritating people in our lives. Responding with anger, frustration, and irritation allows Satan to gain a foothold. Yet we are called to be patient.

3. Build a wall of prayer. (verse 5b-7; Isaiah 26:3)

As the pastor put it, without prayer, Satan will be able to get in our minds and rattle our cages.

4. Build a wall of purity. (verse 8 )

When encountered with various temptations, we have a choice whether or not we will entertain evil in our lives. We need to expose ourselves continually to the word of God in order to develop strong, godly, pure character that will be a firm root and foundation.

Ultimately then there is a battle going on for the minds of believers. As Christians, we must not be unaware of the dangers of allowing Satan footholds in our minds. We must be on guard, building walls that will protect our minds. The best way to build such walls? Through the word of God.

As the pastor said, “A mind filled and led by the Word of God is a stable mind.”

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2 Responses to The Battle of the Mind

  1. Rightthinker says:

    This is a wonderful post! What a great reminder on how to keep our minds set aside for the Lord, and less vulnerable to Satan.

    God Bless!

  2. I love this post…it encourages some things to DO rather than what NOT to do. Terrific!

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