Little Boy-isms

Now that both of my boys are talking almost nonstop, the cutest things come out of their mouths. 🙂  It’s when moments like these happen that I’m reminded of how blessed I am. 🙂

(when Carter was trying to tell me that he had just burped)
Carter: Beep, beep.
Me: That was actually a burp.
Carter: Burp, burp.

(during communion at church while Tim was sitting with his eyes closed and head bowed)
Carter: WAKE UP!

Drew: Mommy, what you making for lunch? Sandwich or cookies?

Carter: I’m eating!
Me: What are you eating?
Carter: This. (he just kept muching away…)
Drew: Are you eating dirt?
Carter: Yes.
Drew to Me: He’s eating dirt!  🙂

I came up behind Drew and hugged him.
Drew: Who is that? Daddy or you?
Carrie: Who was it?
Drew: It was probably you.

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2 Responses to Little Boy-isms

  1. Miranda says:

    I *love* this! Good for you for remembering them and documenting them as well :).

  2. Brigitte says:

    So cute!!! 🙂

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