Menu Plan November 6-12

If you notice that this week’s menu looks very similar to last week’s and you’re wondering why, you can click over and read about my “experiment”. 🙂

Breakfast – Pancakes
Lunch – 15-Minute Chow Mein
Dinner – Black Bean Soup

Breakfast – Oatmeal Muffins
Lunch – Macaroni and Cheese
Dinner – Poached Chicken with Mashed Potatoes

Breakfast – Oatmeal Pancakes
Lunch – Bean and Cheese Taquitos (I have some in the freezer from last week :-))
Dinner – Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings

Breakfast – Leftovers and Toast
Lunch – Creamy Egg Salad Sandwiches
Dinner – Chicken Chow Mein

Breakfast – Coconut Banana Muffins
Lunch – Leftovers
Dinner – Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

Breakfast – Waffles
Lunch – Creamy Garlic Penne
Dinner – At Mom’s House 🙂

Breakfast – Oatmeal
Lunch –  Bonnie’s Bridal Shower
Dinner – Spaghetti with Garlic Bread

To see more menu planning inspiration, visit The Org Junkie.

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3 Responses to Menu Plan November 6-12

  1. Miranda says:

    Yum, your entire menu looks delicious. I decided to menu plan this week too. Will see how it goes :).

  2. Where can I find a recipe for the 15-minute chow mein?

  3. wholesomewomanhood says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t add the link…. 🙂

    Here it is. This is quick, easy and delicious.

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