Reasons 13-15

#13 – Unfulfilled desires teach submission to the hand of God. The unfulfilled desire for marriage caused me to acknowledge God’s sovereignty. The unfulfilled desire caused me to acknowlege that God is ultimately in control of my life . . . and that is a good thing.

#14 – Unfulfilled desires taught me to acknowledge the blessing of God’s sovereignty. There were many times when I cried, begging God for marriage. Yet, even in those moments, I knew that God was sovereign and he had a plan . . . even though I didn’t like it. But God’s sovereignty is a good thing. Most of the time, even when I longed to be married, there was great comfort in knowing that even if I never get married, God will bring honor and glory to himself through my life. Regardless of my marital status, God has a plan. That is encouraging!

#15 – Unfulfilled desires caused me to spend more time in the Scripture and in prayer. Reading in the psalms always encouraged me. The psalms are full of people struggling with real-life issues. In some cases, they are crying out to God, begging for understanding, begging for God’s intervention. I could relate to that! But the psalms also continually point to God’s ultimate sovereignty. I could relate to the desperate cry for God’s hand to be evident, and I needed the reminder that God is ultimately in control of all things.

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