Finally, June 25 rolled around. Jason picked this particular Saturday because it was four months to the day after we had met in person. On this day, we had made plans to go visit some historical markers together. We spent an enjoyable morning doing that. I had figured out that Jason was going to ask me to marry him on this day so I was eagerly awaiting when he would ask me.

As the day passed, I would get excited as I thought that maybe he was getting close to asking me . . . but he wasn’t asking. I tried to be relaxed about it. Finally, we were ready for our picnic lunch. He took me to my favorite hiking trail . . . at this point I pretty much knew that he was going to ask me on this trail.

When we got out of the car, I thought we were going to go hiking. Jason grabbed the plastic bag with our picnic lunch. I wondered what he was doing. There wasn’t really any place to eat along the trail.

“Are you sure you want to bring it with us?”

“Yes; I’ll carry it.”

I was a bit surprised about his determination to carry the plastic bag. Before we had walked to far along the trail, Jason suggested we leave the trail and pointed to a rock nearby.

“Let’s go eat our lunch over there.”

I agreed

When we got there, we sat down. I pulled out my lunch and handed the bag to Jason to get his. I was hoping Jason was going to ask him to marry me.

After we were done eating, Jason just said something about being ready to go. Immediately, I was disappointed. He hadn’t asked!

We stood up, and Jason began gathering up the trash. He left a very conspicuous bundle on the ground however. When he seemed to be done picking up trash, I gestured to the bundle on the ground with a quizzical look on my face.

“You pick it up.”

I did . . . and immediately I knew it was a ring box wrapped in a napkin. Jason had hit it in our lunch bag, hoping I would come across it while pulling out our lunch . . . but I hadn’t.

When I saw the ring box, I heard Jason ask me, “Will you marry me?” I looked up into his face and saw the happiest look on his face.

I quickly agreed and hugged him for the first time.

Instead of leaving, we sat down. I finally opened the ring box to see the ring and put it on my hand. I couldn’t believe it! We were engaged! We sat there for a long time. I kept crying, I was so happy. I kept hugging him. The only thing I could say to him was, “I love you.”

When we finally left the rock, we headed home. I called Carrie to let her know we were engaged. She was so excited. We came back to our home, and I showed off my ring to my parents and my other sister. Everyone was very excited! Jason called his family, and we both called various friends that we wanted to know about our engagement.

Later in the evening, Carrie and her family showed up. Jason took me and my whole family out to dinner at my favorite restaurant. It was a perfect ending to the day! I loved celebrating with my entire family. I sat next to Jason at the table, holding his hand and feeling incredibly happy. I was going to marry this man!

Before meeting Jason, I had been so discouraged that I would never get married. I had cried, praying, even begging, God to bring a wonderful man into my life. Now, as I look at what He has done, I see His handprint all over my relationship with Jason. I truly believe that Jason is a man worth waiting for!

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