How We Met Part 2

When I got home, I typed up an email telling Jason that I really liked him. Instead of thinking about “if” we meet, I was thinking about “when” we meet. I let him know that if he wasn’t on the same page, we needed to slow down on emailing because I was getting too involved emotinoally. After sending the email, I was a bit nervous. Whatever Jason said in his reply would either move us toward an official relationship or potentially end a relationship.
Jason didn’t reply to the email all afternoon. I got online that night to chat with him at our regular time. When he got online, he began asking me questions about my day. All I could think about was how much I wanted to know what he was thinking about the email I sent him!
Finally we got around to talking about it, and he let me know that he was indeed on the same page as me. He was ready to come meet me. He also let me know that he was in between jobs at work and was free to come see me the following weekend. I was surprised! I was thinking that perhaps we’d meet some time in the next few weeks or even in a month. He asked again if he could call me. I agreed.
He called me for the first time on February 23, one month to the day after we exchanged our first emails. He confirmed that he would be able to come out and see me . . . in two days. Sure enough, he came to see me on February 25.
For his first visit, Jason was able to spend ten days with my family and me. It was a very difficult ten days for me. I had major emotional swings! One day, I was comfortable with moving ahead with getting to know Jason . . . the next day I was sure I couldn’t continue on! Two days after Jason got here, I let him know up front that I wasn’t sure I could see us together in a relationship. Jason was a bit disappointed but understanding. He never pressured me. He continued to let me know thought that he was interested in continuing emailing and getting to know each other rather than giving up too quickly.
I continued to go back and forth . . . one day in particular just wishing Jason would leave and completely leave me alone. On Tuesday morning, we decided that we could use some time apart. Jason spent the morning visiting a museum . . . I spent the morning crying and praying, trying to figure out what I wanted in this relationship. Mom had been helpful, talking to me all week since Jason arrived. I had called and talked to Carrie several times. On Tuesday morning, I called my brother-in-law, Tim. He has been such a support to me ever since I got to know him five years previously. Tim talked with me and prayed with me. It was very reassuring to have different people thinking about me and praying for me during this ten days.
When Jason left after the end of the ten days, we didn’t make plans as to whether we would see each other again. As I watched Jason drive away, I was a bit relieved. I would get a break from the emotional roller coaster I had been on. Jason and I continued IM-ing each other. It wasn’t too long though before I realized I was missing Jason. Before too long, I asked him if he would come back to see me.
He came back the following month and spent another week with me. I felt a bit more confident this trip, but I still wasn’t ready to commit to a relationship. For some reason, I was hesitant. As I told Mom, I didn’t know why I was hesitant. Jason was a great guy and a godly man. Why was I hesitating?
At the end of March, Jason and I did make plans for him to take me to Colorado to meet his family. He wanted me to meet his parents before we decided about making our relationship official. After Jason left at the end of March, I spent a lot of time thinking and praying about whether I wanted a relationship with Jason. I wanted to be ready with an answer at the end of April, after I met his family.
Before going to meet his family, Tim talked with me again. I went on a walk with my nephews and Tim. During that conversation, we got to talking about Jason. I still didn’t quite know why I was hesitating. Tim basically asked me the same thing.
“What are you waiting for?”
When he asked me that, I realized there wasn’t anything I was waiting for. There were no issues or red flags that had come up that should make me hesitate.
When we went to Colorado, I was still slightly hesitant. We arrived on a Saturday. The following morning, I went to church with Jason and his family. I was very reassured to see his church and hear the solid biblical preaching for the pulpit. I also enjoyed his family.
When I got home from church, I realized why I had been hesitating. I had unconsciously felt like I didn’t really know Jason; there were pieces missing. Once I got to his hometown, met his family, and visited his church, the pieces seemed to come together. I felt like I knew more of his background . . . the family and the church that shaped him into the man he was.
Sunday afternoon and evening, I decided I wanted to marry Jason, and I was ready for an official relationship. Toward the end of the week, Jason and I went on a walk together. I asked him if we were going to talk about the future of our relationship during this trip or if he wanted to continue waiting. When he realized I was ready to discuss our relationship, he was quite ready to do so as well. We sat down in a snow bank by the side of the road and decided we would be an official couple.
I was so happy! Jason prayed for our future. It was so exciting to be Jason’s girlfriend. The following day we decided a general timeline for our relationship. We would get engaged in the summer and then married in the fall.
I was very excited about getting engaged. Jason wanted to surprised me with an engagement ring. I told him a couple things that I wanted or didn’t want in a ring. Then he went shopping. I knew he purchased a ring at the end of May. I was then quite excited as I waited for Jason to ask me to marry him. It was a long wait!

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2 Responses to How We Met Part 2

  1. Melissa Campbell says:

    I absolutely Love this Story! It is a blessing to see young Women wait and Trust God and family with their future!

  2. Heather says:

    Congratulations on your marriage! My husband & I were also married this month (on the 8th!) & we met last year on eHarmony!! 🙂

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