Reasons 5-8

#5 – An unfulfilled desire gives opportunities to purge bitterness. As I watched more and more of my friends get married, I discovered that some bitterness would creep into my heart and attitude. Seeing others get married revealed several issues in my own heart that needed to be dealt with.

#6 – An unfulfilled desire helped me recognize jealousy in my life. Similar to #5, I realized how jealous I would get when I heard about my friends getting married. Scripture is clear that we are called to rejoice with others, not to develop a jealous heart. This unfulfilled desire revealed the depths of jealousy in my own heart.

#7 – An unfulfilled desire helped me identify unrealistic expectations I associated with the fulfillment of the desire. I briefly touched on this point in Reasons 1-4. Yet, it’s worth mentioning again. When a desire is unfulfilled, it’s very easy to imagine how much better life will be once that desire is fulfilled. In some ways, life may indeed be better, but such patterns of thinking also open the way for setting up unrealistic expectations that can be damaging. Unfulfilled desires give a person the chance to identify such unrealistic expectations and address them.

#8 – An unfulfilled desire brings me to the point where my greatest desire is to honor and glorify God instead of receiving the fulfillment of my desire. Acknowledging that God has not promised to fulfill my desires (even when they may be godly or biblical desires) has a way of bringing me to a point of humility before God. He is doing something that is not my first choice and yet he’s the one in charge of my life. Such an attitude doesn’t eradicate the desire, but it does help put the desire in proper perspective.

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    Thank you, again! See you tomorrow!!! 🙂

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