The Promise of a Future

As I worked on writing my maid of honor speech last week, I realized that I have seen God work in amazing ways in the life of my sister. Some of them are BIG and I’ve been grateful for them since January (when Jason and Melinda met). And some of them are small…which I only became aware of as I thought through what I wanted to say to my sister at her wedding.

1. It has been a blessing to see God’s plan unfold in Melinda and Jason’s lives. When I think back over the past ten months, I’m amazed at all of the little details that had to fall into place for Jason and Melinda to even meet…much less fall in love.

2. I’m excited to be Melinda’s maid of honor on THE special day that I’ve been hoping and praying for. I’ve seen Melinda’s desire to be married over the years. I’ve talked, prayed, and encouraged her. And, on Saturday, I get to witness the fulfillment of her dream.

3. I’m looking forward to seeing how God will use their marriage to point others to Him. God says that christian marriages should be a light to the world of how He loves His Bride, the Church. What an awesome responsibility!

4. As I’ve seen Melinda prepare for her future home, I’ve been reminded of the blessings I’ve been given. (She skyped me the other day excited that they had bought a toilet plunger! :-)) It’s easy to get caught up in the every day and forget all of God’s amazing blessings.

5. When I’ve seen Melinda seek to honor Jason with decisions, I’m reminded of how I should honor and respect Tim.

6. Melinda is going to be living closer to me. 🙂 Ok…so we’re only going to be an hour’s drive apart versus an hour and a half. But it’s better than nothing! 😉

7. Since we’ll be living closer together, we are already looking forward to planting spring gardens together. 🙂

8. We’ve also started planning a “Christmas” tea party. Although I don’t know if you can quite classify it as a Christmas party, since we are planning it for January. 🙂 (Between the holiday and Bonnie’s wedding, we figured it would be way too much to try and do a tea party in December.)

9. We’ve even talked of going grocery shopping together… Realistically, this may not happen. But, hey, it is fun to dream! 🙂

10. And, of course, no list would be complete without mentioning that…I’m excited at the mere possibility I might be an aunt sometime soon!! 🙂

Saturday is a day filled with hope and promises for the future. And I’m privileged to be able to share in this day with my sister.

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1 Response to The Promise of a Future

  1. Miranda says:

    I know that your speech will be amazing! My brother is 18 and I know he’s far off from being married, so I have to hold off on the desire for nieces and nephews ;). All in good time :).

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