Disney Princesses

I have been troubled by the recent rash of Christian books for Christian women and young women that place a great deal of emphasis on their royal position as children of the King. It seems like quite a few books speak right to the heart of women to be valuable and cared for. The authors place a great deal of emphasis on the fact that when Christians have been saved they become a part of God’s family. It tells women that they are supremely valuable and they have worth as daughters of the king.

I was never entirely certain why this struck me as slightly off from a biblical point of view, but I’m fairly certain it has something to do with the appearance of being a Christian version of high self-esteem. Scripture speaks clearly about the inherent sinfulness of men and women; it also seems experience teaches that people think of themselves too highly rather than not highly enough. Popular thought today, however, calls people (even Christians) to have better self-esteem.

I found an article on Scriptorium Daily that addresses a similar issue. Allen Yeh talks about how these authors have a bit of a Disney princess mentality when it comes to Christian women. He also clearly covers the dangers in such a mindset.

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1 Response to Disney Princesses

  1. sophie says:

    Hi!! I think you are right though I think there’s nothing wrong in a girl knowing that she is a daughter of a King. God is a king and we are His children. Having a healthy view that we are a princess but knowing that our confidence is found in Him alone and nothing else. Yes, our self-esteem may improve when we say we are princesses but it needs to be in perspective. I’m only saying this because I was thinking of the same thing this morning and stumbled across tyour blog from Tiffany at True Femininity 🙂 Have a wonderful Lord’s Day!


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