Encouragement Center

My Heart’s at Home by Jill Savage was an inspiriational and convicting book. The whole book is just delightful and there are so many habits I want to adopt after reading her book.

However, the one chapter that truly resonated with my heart was “Home as a Pep Rally”. Jill challenge wives and moms to deliberately create an environment in their homes that encourages each family member to reach for and pursue their dreams. I want to learn to celebrate the milestones that each family member reaches…whether big or small. I want my boys to grow up and remember that their mom was always there with a word of encouragement and praise.

After reading this chapter in My Heart’s at Home, I spent that day looking for the small victories Drew and Carter accomplished throughout the day. And I learned that if I want to be a mom who gives her family an environment of encouragement I have to be alert and always watching.

When Drew is able to navigate his little table around obstacles to the other side of the room, I want to see that and congratulate him on his endurance.

When Carter correctly identifies a number or letter or object and he turns to me with a big smile on his face, I want to be there to give him a high five.

When one of the boys willingly chooses to share with his brother, I want to be there to let him know that God is pleased with what he just did.

And that requires a mom who isn’t distracted by all of the to-do lists or checking to see what her friends are doing on Facebook. It requires a mom who is always present and always watching for those victories….big or small.

This post is linked to Hearts 4 Home and Growing Home.

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4 Responses to Encouragement Center

  1. ayearinskirts says:

    They have a truly GREAT mom in you Carrie!

  2. Carrie, I haven’t visited your blog before, but I know I’ll be back!! I love the truth about Facebook…what a distraction, for sure! As mothers, we have a high calling and it is our joy to raise up a Godly heritage for the King!! You are following the right call!! Could you please consider linking up to ‘Encouraging One Another’ next Wednesday at Deep Roots At Home? This is content (I and my readers) we are looking for!!!

  3. Hi, Carrie,
    Good question!…enough meat there for another post someday 🙂 It depends on what it is you are working with. Since the herbs are pretty dry and crackly once they are finished dehydrating, the usual thing is to crush them in a bowl with a mortise and pestle. With oregano, rosemary, and thyme, you can just strip the little dried leaves off the stems over a bowl and then bottle into a shaker (w/ a lid). I save and reuse my old spice bottle shakers. Of course, you’ll want to use them in your favorite homemade pizza sauce or in the case of rosemary, roasted potatoes or a pot roast . http://www.deeprootsathome.com/?p=4541
    Hope that helps. let me know how it goes!

  4. {esther} says:

    Hello Carrie & Melinda,

    Just wanted to let you know I featured this post today for the Hearts 4 Home link-up. Thanks for sharing a wonderful post with all of us!

    Much Love & Blessings,

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