Taking a Break

We’ve decided to take a break from blogging. We have enjoyed writing posts and meeting new people through blogging, however, due to the seasons of life we are all in, it seems like a break from blogging is in order. All three of us are busy and blogging has taken its place as a low-priority item for all of us. When it’s low priority, blogging either doesn’t happen or it becomes a burden to have to write posts.

With that said, we don’t want to completely shut the door on blogging. So rather than stop altogether, we’re taking an extended, indefinite blogging break. Hopefully, and God willing, we will be back at some point.

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3 Responses to Taking a Break

  1. Miranda says:

    I will miss your posts but I have total faith that you girls are doing the right thing for you. May you grow closer to the Lord through this break <3.

  2. Jenny says:

    I will miss reading your blog but I completely understand what you are saying about the busyness of this season in your lives. That is the same reason why I have such irregular gap between my posts. May the Lord guide you and keep you. ♥

  3. Mike Dicus says:

    I understand the need to simplify your lives. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed reading the posts (ok, I usually skipped over the weekly menus, but I enjoyed everything else).

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