Sanctification Through Motherhood

There is an excellent blog post here (For Moms, Former Moms, and Wannabe Moms) about how motherhood, and even the desire for motherhood (from single women or from those who struggle with fertility), is used by God to sanctify Christian women. The parts that I most appreciated were the paragraphs directed at single women, acknowledging the deep desire for motherhood and yet also pointing out God’s ultimate purpose for motherhood…and even for all of life.

I found this paragraph to be most encouraging:

Single woman watching your biological clock tick away, I encourage you to look today at your longings through the lens of the gospel. You don’t have to deny your longing or talk yourself into a happy attitude for all the good things you can do without kids. It’s OK to mourn the loss. God said children are a blessing. But after the fall, we do not all get to experience that blessing. Thegospel makes up the difference. While you are disappointed in deep ways and that disappointment is real, you will one day sit with Jesus in heaven profoundly content with His work in you through this disappointment. In heaven, you will have no longing for something you missed. You will not be disappointed. May confidence in that hope sustain you.

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