April Update

#7 – I finally have gotten into the habit of preparing snacks that use fruits and vegetables. It just takes some preparation ahead of time. πŸ™‚

#71 – Since Bonnie is busy right now with school and wedding plans and Melinda has spent several weekends over the past several months at our house, I’m calling this one done. (Melinda and I always have fun when we hang out together. :-))

#82 – Drew is potty trained!! I learned quite a bit and I’m planning to do things differently when Carter is ready.

#84 – I actually had most of the work done on my biology lesson plans before the start of this school year, but I wanted to teach through what I had and iron out any wrinkles. πŸ™‚ Since the year is almost done (only five more weeks! :-)) and I’ve added to it throughout the year, I’m calling it done. I’m sure that if I end up teaching again next year I’ll make some more changes, but most of the work is done. πŸ™‚

#85 – I got some great work done on the cross stitch this month. It’s so easy to think that I’m never.going.to.finish!! So I checked the last picture I took and posted on my progress and was so excited to see that I have, in fact, gotten a lot done!!! πŸ™‚

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