Tot School

I love playing this alphabet game. It’s good review for Drew and it’s helping Carter learn the letters AND it helps get rid of some excess energy. 🙂

Drew was given a puzzle alphabet train for Christmas, so I put nine letters on the ground. Drew and Carter sat with their backs to the door and I would call out a random letter and they would take turns coming to get it. The LOVE this game; Drew asks to play it. 🙂

Carter, of course, enjoys doing whatever Drew is doing. 🙂 So far, Carter still relies on me to point out the correct letter. Before he runs back to the door with it, I have him repeat the letter’s name. Drew remember all of the letters and has so much fun running up and searching through all the letters to find the right one. Occasionally, he’ll be goofy and try to pick up the wrong letter. 🙂

The boys really enjoyed this activity. I wrote their names on a piece of paper and traced the letters with Elmer’s glue. They loved gluing the pasta over their names. 🙂 We left them to dry on the tabel and Carter kept going back to his and pulling the pasta off. 🙂

One morning we found a spider stuck in our bathtub. Even though they creep me out, Drew loved running in to look at Wilbur. Yes, we named him. 🙂 Drew and Carter would run into the bathroom, peer into the tub and get excited when they saw the spider was still in the tub. They leaned over the side and pointed. The poor spider probably felt like he was in a zoo. 🙂

Drew is getting very good at tracing lines. I loved the look of concentration on his face as he carefully tried to stay on the dotted line. 🙂

Yesterday afternoon we watched a Blue’s Clues together where Steve and Blue were conducting different experiments. One of the experiments was seeing which objects float and which ones sink. After the episode was over, I got a bowl of water and Drew and Carter conducted their own experiment. We tested an orange, a spoon and a pacifier. They loved this activity…anything with a bowl of water is instant success!

We have Bible time every morning. I read a short passage to the boys, explain it and then we work on their memory verses. Right now we are working memorizing Psalm 23. The boys love to have their own Bibles to look through while I’m reading and, for some reason, they like to get the biggest Bibles on the shelf. 🙂

For more Tot School inspiration, visit 1+1+1=1.

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