Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

We started blogging together a year and a half ago with the goal of encouraging other young women in the same life stages we were in…a young wife and mom and two stay-at-home daughters…one attending a college through distance learning and one attending a local Christian college. Since we began blogging, our lives have changed quite a bit! 🙂

Carrie is still a young wife and mother. She has two beautiful little boys. Drew is three and Carter will turn two next month. Carrie frequently writes about various homemaking topics and how she is teaching her two toddlers.

Melinda is still a student through a distance learning college. When she began blogging, she was working on her undergraduate degree; she finished that in March 2010 and is now working on her master’s degree. Melinda enjoys writing on a variety of topics.

Bonnie is still living at home finishing her last semester of college.  After courting for almost a year, she and Michael got engaged on February 28.  266 days until the wedding…  She is hoping to be blogging more regularly after the semester is over.

Over the past year, we’ve covered quite a few topics. (We’d love for you to browse through our blog… :-)) But since there are a lot of blogs over at the Ultimate Blog Party, we’ll highlight just a few of our favorite posts from the past year.

1. To Love Through Difficult Times
2. Biblical Femininity
3. Blueberry Yogurt
4. What Does it Mean to Know God?
5. Children’s Art

1. Interview with Son of Hamas
2. Best Quotes from Chronicles of Narnia
3. Blessed Be the Name
4. Living with the Scars
5. To Other Worlds

1.  The Great Faithfulness of God
2. What am I listening to?

So that is a brief introduction to us and what our blog is about. We hope you stick around and get to know us better! 🙂


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16 Responses to Ultimate Blog Party 2011

  1. It’s nice to meet you gals…your blog is lovely!

  2. Miranda says:

    Carrie, I was also a young bride and mother. I was 18 when I got married and had a baby at 19 {I’m almost 21, now}. I’m always interested in those who marry young and have kids young because it always seems like I’m not the “norm”. In my town, it’s really normal to get married young. My friend got married at barely 17, which I think would surprise a lot of people ;)!

  3. Krissa says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog…how fun that you all three share a blog. I love the community that blogging provides.

  4. Hello, Ladies! It’s Tina from Being Made New on the UBP (#73). Thanks for stopping by earlier today. I still haven’t had time to browse around on any blogs yet, but wanted to come here since you visited me. :^) I think your concept – of the three of you blogging together – is really unique. :^)

  5. Kelly says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! It’s great to meet you ladies! I’m excited to dig around your blog some more 🙂

  6. liz barber says:

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love “meeting” other twin families.
    Our adventure is just beginning our boys are just 2 years old.
    I look forward to reading more on your blog.

    Thriving and Surviving with Twins.

  7. Cassie says:

    Thanks for stopping by What Momma Does. I was a young bride and mother (my husband and I were both 20 when we married, and I was pregnant 8 months later). I still struggle with a lot of the things being a wife and mother brings, and that’s what I love most about finding new blogs. Making new connections with other people who enjoy the same interests, or have similar experiences as me makes blogging more fun.

  8. Meaghan says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I look forward to looking around your site more. You have a lot of topics that interest me.

  9. Jessica says:

    Great to meet all of you, I look forward to spending some time on your blog and learning about you.

  10. Christy says:

    I’m here from UBP and am looking forward to getting to know you 3! I was a young wife and mother (20 when we were married and 21 when I gave birth to our first of so far 5 children). God’s been gracious in our grief, merciful through grief,deployments, many moves, and life in general. Through it all he’s faithful and his love and grace are unending and we’re so thankful for his love and forgiveness.

  11. Annie says:

    Hi Carrie, Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment. I browsed your site some and look forward to reading more.


  12. Mitzi says:

    I’m go glad to meet you ladies through UBP11! I love the blog. I will be back to see what you all have cooking. 🙂

  13. Jenny says:

    Thanks for the inspiration of joining this party. It has been fun and what an eye opener to see so many bloggers out there! You know I *love* your blog. Keep up the wonderful work! ♥

  14. Stopping by from UBP11. Your blog looks like a real blessing, and it is wonderful to see wholesome young women like you. I’m adding you to my blogroll. Come by and enter my cookbook giveaway.

  15. Jessica says:


    I finished my Associates Degree and it was such a great thing for me!! Congrats to you!!

    I am so happy to have found your blog. I am stopping in from the Ultimate Blog Party and this is my very first year participating and this is SO VERY exciting!! LOL

    Anyhow…please stop by my blogs and follow whenever you get the opportunity:

    So Stylilized is where I am currently offering FREE Custom Blog Designs at http://sostylilized.blogspot.com

    And…Jessica Lil Corner is where I am blogging about family and life at http://jessicaslilcorner.blogspot.com

    I welcome your visit at either or both of my blogs and hope to have you stop by and follow really soon!!

    Have a very blessed day!! :0)

  16. Thank you for visiting my blog! It’s been wonderful connecting with such wonderful women, thanks to UBP!

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