Fun Learning Activities

I was planning to work with the boys on playing the standard Memory game, but they didn’t quite get it. 🙂 So we just turned the cards right side up and made matches. I’m working with Carter on finding matches and Drew learned a few new words and enjoyed helping his little brother out. 🙂

I’m beginning to work with Drew on learning how to spell his name. He recognizes his name, so we’ve got a good start. 🙂

Carter is very good at putting the silverware away. This is how I taught both boys to match things. They love to help me with work and they learn something in the process. 🙂

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2 Responses to Fun Learning Activities

  1. kristina says:

    Awwww they are getting so big!

  2. Monica says:

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I agree with you, it is terribly rewarding to know choices as simple as where to shop save us money! I really like your blog, and your little ones pictured here are adorable!!

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