Favorite Class

My favorite class in college was definitely the literature class I took. I eagerly anticipated that class and when I took it, the class definitely did not disappoint. I read quite a bit of classical literature, but the following three classics stick out in my memory.

In that class, I read my first Shakespeare play. The required play was Hamlet; now I’m a very big fan of Hamlet as well as Shakespeare’s tragedies in general. After enjoying Hamlet, I read Othello, which in my opinion is much more tragic than Hamlet.

I also read Oedipus the King, another tragedy. It was during this literature class I realized that for some reason I enjoy tragedy.

I also read Dante’s Inferno, which I really did not enjoy. His writing did serve one purpose, however. If you want to be absolutely terrorized by the horrors of hell, then read Inferno. I’m not saying that Dante had a biblical view of hell, but he paints an absolutely horrifying picture of the punishments for sin that really stick with the reader.

Come to think of it, though, one of my favorite classes in highschool was also a literature class. I didn’t particularly enjoy any of the literature I had to read (Great Expectations, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and Animal Farm), but I did enjoy a class that focused primarily on reading.

What was your favorite class in highschool or college? What are your favorite or least favorite pieces of literature?

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