Light School Week

Despite having worksheets printed out and activities planned, we didn’t accomplish a lot of school this week. So I’ll carry all of my plans over to next week.

Wednesday we sat down and did a little bit of work together.

I was hoping to do some St. Patrick’s Day school work with the boys this week so I was excited to see this pack. 🙂 We finished two pages, so we’ll carry on with it next week.

I liked the page to review the lowercase alphabet and I discovered that, even though Drew knows the uppercase letters, he’s shaky on the “little” letters. So we’ll be working on that.

And Carter is still learning how to draw circles. 🙂

The boys also enjoyed helping me in the kitchen this past week. We made sauerkraut (Drew enjoyed helping sprinkle the salt in) and we made a loaf of bread together (I didn’t get any pictures, because I was covered in flour :-)).

For more Tot School ideas, visit 1+1+1=1.

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