The Blessing of Messes

I’ve always been a “neat freak”. When I was pregnant with Drew, I worried about how I would handle all of the messes that I had heard children can make. Messes just stress. me. out.

Well, almost three years have passed since that time and there are quite a few messes around here. (And it doesn’t take long for a big mess to be made. :-)) I still strive to keep things orderly and yet there are times (sometimes days at a time) when the living room isn’t completely picked up. Or the vacuuming doesn’t get done. And I hardly ever dust…

But I’m learning to look at these messes as a blessing. Each mess means that I have a family. I’m living my childhood dream of being a wife, mom and homemaker. I have two precious sons that, by the grace of God, I’m training to love Him with all of their hearts.

When the couch cushions are being used as trampolines or the living room is strewn with toys, I’m learning to be thankful for the mess. It means that my family is loving, learning and laughing together. And that is a blessing.

I recently read this blog post (Motherhood, Martyrdom and GET OVER YOURSELF) and loved the perspective she has on messes. 🙂

~ Carrie ~

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