Decorating a Light-Switch Plate

I’ve had this idea in mind for a while but just recently purchased a book for this project. I picked up an older copy of Gulliver’s Travels at our library bookstore for $0.50. Considering that I was planning to trash the book, I thought the price was fair.

In order to match my fan and my book wreath, I had been wanting to cover my light-switch plate with a page from a book as well.

This was a very easy project and took very little time.

I unscrewed the plate from the wall and traced the outline on a page out of Gulliver’s Travels.

Then I cut the paper to fit the plate.

I put a thin layer of mod-podge on the plate and then applied the paper. After letting the mod-podge dry for a few minutes, I put a coat of mod-podge on top of the paper. Once that dried, I put the plate back on my wall. Now I have a light-plate switch that matches my fan.

~ Melinda ~

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One Response to Decorating a Light-Switch Plate

  1. Amy B says:

    I love this! I think when I finally get around to decorating the kids rooms I will have to do this! So cute!

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