A Year Has Come and Gone

Valentine’s Day…a day to celebrate relationships and memories from years past.

Four years ago, Tim and I were ten days away from our wedding.

Three years ago, we were ten days away from the birth of our first born son.

Two years ago, life was getting interesting with the three of us in a one bedroom apartment…and another little one on the way.

One year ago today, Melinda and I started cooking through Taste of Home’s 2006 cookbook.

So while everyone else is celebrating a romantic relationship, today Melinda and I are celebrating one year of fun, food adventures (although some of them couldn’t quite be classified as fun…more like UGH…such as this Minted Zucchini Salad.)

But let’s not dwell on the icky recipes (there were actually only two that merited the word GROSS next to them). One reasons I love the Taste of Home cookbooks is that most of their recipes are delicious! They include lots of wonderful pictures that make you want to run to the kitchen and whip something up. 🙂 While most of their recipes call for normal ingredients, we have also been pushed outside of our comfort zones (like the time we had to fillet and fry a catfish). All in all though it’s been a fun year and we’re looking forward to tackling more recipes in the upcoming year. So without further ado, here are our favorite recipes from this past year.

Top Ten Favorite Recipes

1. Chicken Salad Cups
2. Fruity Slush
3. Asparagus Berry Salad
4. Warm Ham ‘n’ Swiss Wraps
5. Colorful Roasted Veggies
6. Shrimp Kabobs
7. Chocolate Mallow Drops
8. Cookie Dough Truffles
9. Jam ‘n’ Cream French Toast
10. Down Home Meat Loaf

So after one year of cooking, we are officially done with 33% of the cookbook. 🙂 At this rate, we’ll be plugging along on this one cookbook for another two years. 🙂 The feeling of accomplishment when all of the recipes have been made…that is the reward we are looking forward too. 🙂

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