What am I listening to?

The other day I was feeling a little sad and discouraged.  In the midst of my sad thoughts, I stopped myself and thought of something my boyfriend does.  It seems like whenever we are going somewhere, he always has godly music playing.  Michael often sings along…and he makes it a point to surround himself with Christian music.

I am so thankful for the example of my Michael.  That particular day I turned on Casting Crowns…and my discouragement and sadness dissipated as I focused instead on the Lord and His greatness!

It made me stop and consider those things that surround me.  It’s amazing how even background music can totally affect my mood.  When I am upset, sad, or discouraged, it definitely alters my mood to turn on Christ-honoring music or sing a hymn.  It takes my focus off myself and onto Him!


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One Response to What am I listening to?

  1. Amy B says:

    I agree 100%! We listen to nothing but Christina music as a family. My hubby still listens to other things when he is in the car alone though, which I think is fine for him. We have noticed a huge difference in mood and attitude! Not only in our daughter, but in ourselves. I love to play soft music while the kids play too. It helps calm the house in a very needed way! So glad that music can help you keep Christ focused. In today’s world, that can be so hard! Enjoy your wonderful music!

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