Valentine’s Day Decorations

Since we moved into our home last May, I’ve had a lot of fun making and buying seasonal decorations. (In fact, I got a little carried away at Christmas time and spent January finishing up three projects I was unable to complete before December 25. :-))

But because of time (and money!) constraints I have a lot wonderful decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day bookmarked that I simply was unable to complete this year. Perhaps next year? 🙂 So without further ado…my top ten favorite Valentine’s Day decorations…

1. Heart Felt Wreath – I had so much fun making the Christmas wreath that I would love to make one for Valentine’s Day…and this one is so adorable!

2. Heart Attack – I love this simple way of telling someone how much you appreciate them.

3. Crocheted Heart Hot Pad – This looks like it would be really simple and easy to make, but it would add such a wonderful personal touch to the kitchen.

4. Rag Garland – This garland is so adorable! You could hang it anywhere and it would look perfect. 🙂

5. Valentine Dish Towels – I use so many dish towels…it would be so much fun to have some cute ones in the kitchen. 🙂

6. Chubby Heart Coasters – We normally don’t use coasters, but I could definitely make an exception for these!! 🙂

7. Cupcake Liner Topiary – This is very cute and doesn’t look like it will take too much time…

8. Conversation Heart Banner – The actual candy hearts are not on my top ten favorite candies, but this banner redeems them. 🙂

9. Valentine’s Candles – I love to have candles lit throughout the house and this is an elegant candle!

10. Crocheted Table Cloth – Ok…I know I’ve said everything on this list is cute (:-)), but this table cloth is the epitome of cuteness!!

~ Carrie ~

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