Blend Your Bananas :-)

Bananas are strange things. I like them plain, in smoothies, in desserts (such as banana pudding or a fruit pizza :-)), but I can’t stand mashed up banana bits in muffins and breads. It gives the bread a strange and unusual consistency. 😦

However, I haven’t let that aversion stop me over the years. I kept putting banana bread and muffins on my menu plans, hoping it would turn out delicious. (After all banana bread just sounds so yummy!!!) Every time I ate a bite though I knew that nothing had changed. I still didn’t like it.

One day I decided to try my hand once again at making delicious tasting banana muffins, only I tried putting all of the wet ingredients (including the bananas!) into the blender.

Everything gets mixed up and the banana is…well…I guess you could call it finely mashed. 😉 And this technique was a success!! No more banana bits in my muffins. I can now truly enjoy the wonderful banana-y taste in bread without the strange texture that mashed bananas give it. 🙂

Yes…I’m pretty happy with  my success. 🙂

That’s what works for me.

~ Carrie ~

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2 Responses to Blend Your Bananas :-)

  1. susan says:

    I could have used your tip yesterday when I made banana bread. I will do so the next time though!

  2. It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t like banana bread- it’s sweet, it’s spongy. But I would have never thought of blending the bananas to fix the problem- that’s very inspiring! Now I just need to find something that I could apply it to… maybe blend up the veggies to add to pasta sauce so my 3 year old will eat them!

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