Freezer Cooking Update

I’m thrilled that my freezer cooking plan for Friday ended up going very smoothly. It didn’t require a lot of time in the kitchen and I now have a freezer full of meals that will be quick and easy to get on the table in the upcoming month. 🙂

2 Creamy Beef Lasagnas
1 Chicken Cacciatore
Shredded Beef Filling (which I plan to use to make a BBQ beef casserole and enchiladas)
2 Santa Fe Chicken Nachos (I plan to serve nachos one night and use the rest of it for chicken enchiladas)
2 Chicken Spiedie Sandwiches
2 Chicken Pot Pie Fillings

Plus I was able to cook 6 pounds of ground beef. (I found a good deal on 10 pounds of ground beef at the store. I was thrilled with the price, but wasn’t looking forward to cooking that much meat at once!! So I’m glad that’s done!)

I had been hoping to get some baking done for this month too, but didn’t get around to it. 1) I didn’t have enough baking powder 2) my freezer is FULL 3) I ran out of time on Saturday. However, I was able to baked 2 dozen muffins yesterday afternoon. We’ll have half of them for breakfasts this week and the other dozen is in the freezer. 🙂

~ Carrie ~

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2 Responses to Freezer Cooking Update

  1. hope says:

    I’m going to check out those chicken nachos! sounds yummy! What a great feeling to have a full freezer. 🙂

  2. stephanie says:

    So… you made the Speidie Sandwiches and wrapped them up to freeze? I am so sorry… I am new at this. Did you add the sauce before or after?

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