Choosing to SEE

Last November, I read Mary Beth Chapman’s book, Choosing to SEE. As a general recommendation, this book is definitely worth reading. God has led the Chapmans down the horribly difficult path of losing a young daughter through a tragic accident.

The first half of the book gives a brief history of how Steven and Mary Beth met and were married. Some of the most touching stories in this book recall how God led them to adopt their three daughters from China. Each story is special and unique.

The second half of the book follows the Chapman family as they walked through the first two years after the tragic death of their youngest daughter, Maria. Mary Beth is very open and honest about how the pain and hurt, the joys and triumphs through this entire period.

To hear the testimony of God’s faithfulness and the beautiful work He brought about as a result of Maria’s death is a very encouraging experience.

As a slight aside, the Chapmans did use help from psychologists in order to help deal with challenging seasons in life. I don’t believe psychology or typical methods of dealing with trauma is biblical. The Chapmans’ do keep the psychological help in light of the Bible but there were some methods of dealing with the trauma of Maria’s death that I don’t believe were the best option…biblically speaking.

Recommendation: Read the book. It is worth having an upfront view of pain and suffering in the lives of Christians while also keeping the truth of God’s faithfulness and goodness in the forefront.

~ Melinda ~

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  1. Miranda says:

    I have this book and am excited about finishing up reading it.

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