101 Update for January

Even though it seems like I make slow progress on my 101 list each month, it is nice to have some definitive goals to work toward. Even with just a little bit of progress, I am moving forward on several projects.

The biggest project I’ve been tackling has to do with reading. Some time ago, I realized that there is pretty much no way I’ll make it to the 500 book mark (unless I start reading children’s book….and I may just do that!).

When 2011 arrived though, I decided to be a bit more ambitious with my reading. I planned my reading for the entire year. I wasn’t sure how that would go because typically I’m a fairly fluid reader…I pick up books as they sound interesting. But I can already tell that having a plan in place will be helpful.

It helps first because now I have good books planned for the entire year. I’ll have no excuse in 2011 to say that I can’t find any good books to read.

Secondly, it’s helping me clean off my own bookshelves. I had a book scheduled for a reread in January; I started reading it and realized it wasn’t as good the second time as I remember it being years ago when I read it for the first time. So I’m going to purge that book from my shelves.

The other project I’ve been working on is knitting a baby blanket. I’m definitely making progress on that. I want to give it to a friend…who’s already had her baby. So I’m planning to do tons of knitting in the next week or so in order to finish up that project.

~ Melinda ~

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