Decorating…and Remembering

I’ve recently been doing some redecorating in my bedroom. My most recent change was framing a picture that I purchased some two years ago.

I bought this picture while I was in Israel. On one of my last trips into the old city of Jerusalem, two friends and I went into a store in the Jewish quarter. Even though we had been into Jerusalem many times, this was our first visit to this store. (We normally went into Jerusalem on Shabbat…so all the stores in the Jewish quarter were closed. This particular day was a Sunday.)

The store was run by two men, originally from America. They moved to Israel some years previously and now do some amazing pictures. The one I purchased is a black and white “drawing” of the book of Daniel; the picture is comprised of the text of the book of Daniel written in Hebrew.

There were other pictures in the store…all fairly amazing to look at. There was a picture of Ruth and various pictures using psalms. Overall, the drawings were truly remarkable.

It was such fun to speak to the man who drew the picture I purchased. Both men were friendly, telling us about the process of drawing these pictures and answering any general questions we had about Judaism.

Even though I purchased this picture two years ago, it has taken me quite a while to purchase a frame in which to display the picture. I recently bought a frame and it does a perfect job enhancing the picture.

So now this picture finally hangs in my room and is a reminder of the wonderful times I spent in Jerusalem.

~ Melinda ~

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