Children’s Art

It takes me awhile to find the perfect decoration themes for each room in our house. (Picking paint colors can be so stressful! :-)) When I saw this tutorial, I originally bookmarked it with plans to make a set to give to grandparents. But I quickly realized that this “art” was perfect for my home.

So I started looking out for the perfect frames. I didn’t want to spend a fortune, but I wanted something that fit perfectly with my decor (at least the decor that is currently locked in my mind until I can bring it all to fruition :-)). I found the perfect frames at JoAnn’s, bought them, and then returned them when I talked myself out of spending $50 on them. I hoped I could do better and figured that if I couldn’t find something better I could always go back to JoAnn’s and buy them again. 🙂

And then we went Black Friday shopping…at Goodwill. 🙂 I found two matching frames (original price tage $29.99) priced at $6.99 each. To make the deal even better Goodwill had everything 50% on Black Friday. So I purchased two frames at $3.50 each. Now this price I can handle! 🙂

It took the boys a while to warm up to the idea of getting paint all over their hands and feet. Once I demonstrated the procedure to Drew, he loved it. And, of course, Carter wanted to copy his big brother. 🙂

Drew and Carter loved looking at their artwork. I added their names and date. (Drew was having fun talking to Aunt Bonnie on the phone and telling her about his blue hand. :-))

I used masking tape to stretch and hold the burlap over the original cardboard picture.

The placement of their hands and feet on the burlap wasn’t quite as effortless or perfect as I had pictured it in my mind, so Melinda and I painstakingly cut the mats slightly larger. And this is what we ended up with…

It turned out beautifully. A wonderful addition to our living room.

~ Carrie ~

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One Response to Children’s Art

  1. carri says:

    beautiful! I need to do this with Katie before she gets too much older! Her birthday is this month – perhaps I’ll do it for her 5th birthday ! I am sure she would be proud to have that hanging on the wall 🙂

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