Copperswife is one of the most encouraging blogs I read. She has such a heart for her home…and she has a great love for books and all things reading! Her heart for making her home a haven for her family and training her children to love God is inspiring. Please take the time to become acquainted with Cheryl at her blog; here are some of her posts that have been particularly encouraging to me.

1. Is Your Tank Full or Empty? – This post talks about how important it is for wives and mothers to take personal time. They can’t continually give and give to their families without refilling their tanks. Copperswife takes the time to talk about how she began planning time to fill her tank.

2. Thinking Homeschool – So Many Books, But No Time to Read Part 1 (and Part 2) – I love Copperswife’s approach to homeschooling. This approach really intrigues me and if God blesses me with children one day, I think I might like to try this approach or some variation of this.

3. To-Do Lists: Master or Servant – Copperswife brings focus on how to use lists to help us in our tasks rather than letting them control our lives.

4. Are Your Windows Clean? – In this post, Copperswife talks about the importance being content in our roles that God has given us.

5. My Daughter Always Quotes Me On This – This is a post where Copperswife explains a phrase she frequently uses on her blog…hold your plans loosely! We make plans for our lives or for our day but we need to hold them loosely because God may have other plans.

~ Melinda ~

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