Responsibility in Young Children

For the past three years, I’ve taught biology to homeschool students. I’ve had good students over the years and some not-so-good students. I’ve had parents who are supportive and work with me to help their students learn responsibility and diligence and other parents who only make excuses for their child.

It saddens me when I see students whose parents are letting them get away with a lower grade because the student doesn’t want to do his/her best. And it’s as I work with these students and their parents that I realize these problems don’t just suddenly appear in high school. These are habits allowed and cultivated for years.

It is easy to just want to do all of the work around our home by myself. It’s quicker and is done the way I like it done. However, I want Drew and Carter to learn diligence and responsibility at a young age. Recently I realized that I was allowing this issue to slip through the cracks. So I reworked our schedule and pushed myself to help and train them with simple chores.

Carter’s Chores

1. He puts my tupperware away for me. I unload them from the dishwasher, snap the lids and place them on the floor in front of the cupboard. He then puts them away.

2. He loves to pick things up and put them in a box. So I’ve given him this job before he goes to bed. To pick up the toys in the living room and push or pull the box back to his bedroom. He has a blast!

3. He loves to help me unload the dishwasher. He’ll pick a plate up and hand it to me. 🙂

Drew’s Chores

1. He clears his plate and Carter’s plate off the table after a meal.

2. He puts the silverware away. (This is also a great activity to help a child learn how to sort similar items.)

3. He helps to pick up his toys in the evening.

4. I’m helping him learn how to undress and dress himself.

While teaching young children how to help around the house takes a lot of time, the rewards are worth it. The boys have the joy of helping me (they truly LOVE to help their mommy) and I’m teaching them responsibility and diligence, two character qualities that will be a huge benefit to them in the future.

~ Carrie ~

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4 Responses to Responsibility in Young Children

  1. Jamie says:

    That’s very good Carrie! I often just do things myself because it’s quicker and I feel pressed for time. Also I sometimes don’t want to deal with the mess that their helping creates. Like soaked-wet clothes from helping wash dishes. It’s hard! Good for you for your own responsibility and diligence toward your children!

  2. Miranda says:

    My daughter loves to help unload the dishwasher! It’s so precious to see. At this age, they want to help so if we let them maybe they will continue to want to do so in the future ;).

  3. Jenny says:

    Yes, work is fun to them at this age! Praises and hugs work incredibly well as rewards. We are trying to get a single bed for Peter soon so he could start learning how to make his bed. You are a great mommy, Carrie. 🙂

  4. Amy B says:

    My little one loves to help too! She knows what is her jurisdictions and what I help her with. She loves responsibility! I love training her to be an active part of our family, not just someone who has everything handed to her. Your kids will benefit so much from this wonderful gift you are giving them!

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