Letter L

I had such great plans of working on the alphabet with Drew over the holidays. Somehow the time slipped by and we never got around to it. 🙂 But this past week we started back up and Drew is loving it all! 

 Drew has really enjoyed learning how to trace, so I’ve found worksheets that help him practice “following the lines”.

Carter likes to get in on the fun. 🙂

Drew was given an amazing set of alphabet books for Christmas. There are 26 books, each in the shape of a letter. Inside the books are pictures of objects that start with each letter.

This alphabet train puzzle is another Christmas gift. Drew has so much fun finding the right puzzle piece and making it fit together correctly. And I’m glad we have a fun way to review all of the letters he’s learned. 🙂

Both of the boys love stickers, so my mom gave each of them a sticker activity book for Christmas. I love the activities it has (counting, patterns, matching) and the boys have so much fun putting the stickers in the book. In fact, I have to keep an eye on Carter, because he knows where I keep the book. Once this past week, he grabbed the book and some stickers and just started putting them on a page. 🙂

These little pieces are part of a race track Drew received for Christmas. However, one evening Tim used them to work with Drew on patterns. 🙂 Drew loved using his race track for this fun activity!

For more Tot School ideas, visit 1+1+1=1.

~ Carrie ~

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2 Responses to Letter L

  1. kewkew says:

    I love the sound of those alphabet books. I have some Sesame Street books that I have used with my three girls that focus on one letter of the alphabet per book. I still say these helped my almost 4 year old learn her letters.
    I think we have that alphabet train puzzle. The girls really enjoy it.
    You have a really sweet family.
    Hoping to stop by often

  2. I love it when toys have many uses.

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