Family Picture

Originally I had plans to give something else to our parents for Christmas. But then I realized that the last family picture we had given to them was remarkably outdated. Drew was nine months old and I was pregnant with Carter. So we decided to give them a framed family picture instead, plus it was a good push for me to get an updated picture on our wall! 🙂

We normally get our pictures taken professionally, but when the time came to take this picture the only coupon I had was for a studio with no location near our house. So…Melinda took some pictures of us and this one was the best.

(I know…the boys aren’t smiling. Unless a picture happens to be snapped when they least expect it, I end up with pictures of them not smiling or their “eeeeeee” (i.e. cheese) smile, which looks like they are in pain. :-))

We tried a couple of different backgrounds and chose this one because of the lack of background “distractions”. Tim hung a dark blue blanket behind us and we sat on the floor. It ended up having a more formal look than having a bookshelf in the background. 🙂

~ Carrie ~

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One Response to Family Picture

  1. bekahcubed says:

    Both of your boys have such bright blue eyes!

    I hear you with trying to get a decent smile from kids. We never had much success in our family either–although we were masters at REALLY cheesy grins. =)

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