101 Update

So after the first year of working on my 101 list, how much progress have I made? Well…in some respects my progress has been rather dismal.

I came to the realization at some point this year that my list was somewhat…well…ambitious. Quite bluntly, I don’t think there is any way I could actually accomplish all 101 tasks on my list. But I am not deterred from continuing on; I shall at least make some progress. As Carrie and I keep reminding each other, the objective isn’t necessarily to complete all of the tasks but rather to stay motivated to accomplish some projects we otherwise would probably put off indefinitely.

So without further ado, here is a brief update on the progress I made during the first year of my 101 list.

Out of 101 projects, I have successfully completed eighteen. That’s almost 20% of the tasks. Not too shabby.

Another eighteen projects are in various stages of completion. So again…not too shabby.

I’m looking forward to what else shall be accomplished on this list during 2011.

~ Melinda ~

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