Well-Behaved Nephews

The following post was originally published in June 2009. Carrie wrote how she was working on training Drew to sit still in church. I’m reposting it because she and Tim have done a great job training their boys to sit still during church. When we have the boys at church with us, I frequently hear comments about how well-behaved Drew and Carter are in church.

~ Melinda ~

Drew is 14 months old. We’ve been working with him sitting quietly during church for quite awhile although we often end up having to take him out sometime during the service as he gets fussy. (Church services invariably are at the same time as nap time!)

It was easy to keep putting off training him to sit completely quietly during the service as people never expect a 14 month old to sit quietly! In fact, I had one gentleman come up to me after a service when I left with Drew…he told me that Drew was too young to sit quietly. Tim’s response (to me in the car on the way home … “No, he’s not!”

About a month ago we were in church service and Drew was getting really restless. To be honest, it was a little embarrassing. I knew he could do better. On the way home that day I realized that I hadn’t been spending time during the week working with him on sitting quietly in my lap. I just expected him to pick it up during a church service once a week! So I decided to work during the week with him.

That week was busy…and I think I only got one training session in. I turned on an Adventures in Odyssey and sat on the couch with Drew in my lap, requiring him to sit quietly and listen. He did get antsy. He didn’t particularly enjoy it. But overall it went well. And that one session combined with previous training we’ve given him (i.e. obedience), the next church service went much better. In fact, he fell asleep on my lap!

Now he is still a toddler…so he doesn’t sit as still as an adult. But he does sit quietly in my lap without turning around and getting fussy.

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