Books Read in November

I didn’t get through many books this past month but the ones I did read were pretty good.

1. Fine China is For Single Women, Too by Lydia Brownback – This is a very good book about godly Christian womanhood while single. The book takes seriously the challenges of being single all the while pointing Christian singles toward God. The book is not long and is a fairly quick, easy read.

2. Hollywood Worldview by Brian Godawa – I would highly recommend this book. The author examines how movies have shaped the worldview of American culture. He demonstrates how worldviews, such as existentialism and post modernism, are propagated through film. The final chapters of the book discuss how Christianity and various Christian themes have been represented in Hollywood. This book gave me an idea on how best to analyze films critically and in light of my Christian worldview.

3. The Agency: A Spy in the House by Y.S. Lee – The book is definitely not written from a Christian perspective…more like a femininst perspective and such ideals come forth in the story. However, the novel and mystery is fairly well-written and it’s worth reading.

~ Melinda ~

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