Pizza Night

Carrie has mentioned several times recently on the blog about how much fun their family pizza nights are. It started making me a little bit jealous; I used to love the pizza nights my family had when I was little every Friday night. It isn’t as practical now because of some dietary restrictions my mom has.

But I recently figured out a way to bring back weekly pizza night. My parents go out on a date every week; this provides a perfect opportunity for me to make pizza for Bonnie and myself. So that’s what I’ve been doing.

Instead of sticking with traditional pizza recipes, I’ve been experimenting with pizza variations.

Week #1Fajita Chicken Pizza – This was a pretty good recipe. I used cheddar cheese instead of mozzarella because we don’t normally have mozzarella here at home. But I think this would have been better with mozzarella…or at least something other than cheddar.

Week #2 – Teriyaki Sausage Pizza – Several years ago, a friend showed me how she sautes sausage in teriyaki sauce. I thought the meat was so good that this method of preparation became one of my favorite toppings to put on pizza. That is what I made for our second pizza night.

The following week was Thanksgiving so I didn’t make a pizza; the week after that I was out of town. But the first two weeks of our newly reestablished tradition of pizza night went well. I’m looking forward to trying out other pizza recipes as the weeks go by.

~ Melinda ~

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