Delicious Collection

I’ve had different collections over the years…pennies, stamps, dolls, but the only one that has lasted over the years is my cookbook collection. 🙂 Opening a cookbook takes you to a different world. A world that is relaxing, fun and delicious. A world that has new tastes and experiences as well as familiar and well-loved ones. And, of course, a single cookbook can provide quite a bit of fun! 🙂

Over the years I’ve been given some great cookbooks. I love my Taste of Home cookbooks. (It’s very rare for me to make ones of their recipes and end up with a disaster. :-)) Better Homes and Gardens is my go-to cookbook for a basic recipe…like simple muffins or pie crusts.

I have some fun historical cookbooks in my collection. Martha Washington…Texas rangers…California governors’ favorite recipes. One of the special things about these cookbooks is the fun history and interesting facts sprinkled among the recipes. (What better combination is there than history and recipes? It’s kinda like peanut butter and chocolate… :-))

I enjoy grabbing a cookbook from my shelf and flipping through the pages. Inspiration, beautiful photos and new experiences are there to be found. 🙂

~ Carrie ~

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One Response to Delicious Collection

  1. Amy B says:

    Glad I am not the only one who kinda “reads” cook books! I love it!

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